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We combine the effectiveness of NLP coaching methods with 20 years of business management experience to train you.

NOMADIA Training programs:

Customer service at the heart of your success

You want to impress your customers for their loyalty?
It is difficult for you to deal with certain customers?
You want to to transform your unhappy customers?

The success or failure of a business is based on customer satisfaction. The business that prosper in the long run is one that strives to enhance the delivery of its services to exceed expectations of its customers. Also, knowing how to solve conflict quickly and professionally will determine employee performance and how customers perceive your service.

You, your career and your buness

Should I specialize?
What is the status that suits me best?
How can I live from my profession quickly?
How to succeed in my business strategically and in a balanced way?

YOU are THE motor of your business. Your personality, your motivation, your skills and your knowledge will make you the tool of your propulsion and your success. Discover your professional and entrepreneur identity. Use optimally your skills and resources to reach new heights!

Shift into higher gear

You want to give a new boost to your business?
You are facing new challenges?
You plan an association, partnership or hiring?
How to optimize your time and maximize your income?

We will provide you with tools to build and solidify the foundation of your business project with the principles of innovation and entrepreneurial agility which will serve you throughout your excursion into the world of business.

This training will be particularly useful to entrepreneurs who are starting up or looking to shift into higher gear (ex. Association, hiring, strategic questioning) or who simply want to improve their knowledge.

No prior training is required. However, our training program, “You, your career and your business” is strongly suggested.

Developing the genius zone of your team 

Could your team work in better synergy to achieve better results in less time?

Could your team work more cohesively, with greater synergy in order to improve performance? In today’s market place, it is imperative to maximize our team members’ potential, make better decisions and work together towards a common goal. This workshop will provide participants with tools and strategies to improve team synergy and create a work environment conducive to cooperation and a sense of belonging. Learn how to showoff the talents of each of your team members.

This active training is ideal for any entrepreneur, manager or supervisor who wishes to increase synergy and motivation of their teams and increase credibility with their employees.

Prevention and Resolution of Harassment in the Workplace

Did you ever have to witness or be the victim of a situation contributing to humiliating, despise or abuse?

The success of a professional relationship is based on respect, communication and leadership. Knowing how to resolve a conflict or harassment situation quickly and professionally will have a direct impact on your employee’s performance and on how they perceive the organization. Learn to manage difficult situations!

This training is for anyone wishing to improve their knowledge in connection with harassment in the workplace. Managers, unit managers or service.

The Power of Diversity in the Workplace

Do you have to deal with people different from you? Younger or older, more or less experienced, with different cultures,other sex or speaking a different language than you?

You are having trouble adapting to these differences? The success of a business relationship is based on respect, communication and leadership. Knowing to compromise and to successfully face all those differences is not only a challenge but is essential! Learn how to increase your relationships and your means of communication which will result in respect!

This training is for anyone wishing to improve self-knowledge in relation to diversity, increase their interpersonal skills as well as its communication and positioning. Managers, unit managers or service.

Manage and Facilitate a Group Meeting with Creativity

You are a leader, director, manager, supervisor …
You want to improve management, conduct and participation in meetings.

Looking to promote the emergence of multiple ideas, finding best solutions and establish ideal conditions for a more harmonious inter-relational context? This training is for you.

Every entrepreneur, manager or supervisor who wish to increase the communication within the team and wish to increase credibility with its employees.

Relational Communication  and Intercommunication in the Workplace

” If what you are doing is not working, do something else. Only fools believe that by continuing acting the same way, they’ll end up getting different results ” (A. Einstein).

Want to improve your interpersonal and communication skills? Looking to promote the emergence of multiple ideas, finding best solutions and establish conditions for a more harmonious inter-relational context? This training program is for you.

For any entrepreneur, manager, supervisor or employee who wish to increase their communication and relationships within their team, in addition to getting more credibility and impact with others.