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NOMADIA Synergies - Accreditations ICF - SICPNL - RITMA
NOMADIA Synergie - Coaching d'Affaires et Formation

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NOMADIA Synergie - Coaching d'Affaires et Formation

NOMADIA Synergies :

Regardless of your location, we can serve you! We have invested in technology solutions and use them to enable you to access all our services.


Synergies :
As demonstrated by our logo and our business model, our programs and strategies have been developed to create alliance between three strenghts, both complementary and opposite, to create a direct and tangible impact on the genius zone of the leader, his team and his organization.

Mobile Solutions


Nos interventions sont reconnues pour avoir de l’impact concret dans les petites et moyennes entreprise, les grandes organisations et les multinationales par nos services mobiles. Nous vous accompagnons en français et en anglais, en personne, par vidéo conférence et téléphone, peu importe votre localisation.

Our interventions are recognized for it’s concrete impact on small and medium businesses, large organizations and multinationals due to our mobile service. We assist you in French and English, in person, by video conference and telephone, regardless of your location.



We have experienced the good and the bad sides of entrepreneurship. We got to wonder if there was another way to be an entrepreneur or manager. It has encouraged us to read many books on the subject, met a ton of entrepreneurs and managers that seemed to be “different”. We have attended many trainings and workshops for personal and professional growth.

With our INTRApreneurial approach, we strive today to inject a good dose of these entrepreneurial reflexes in organizations and increase their profitability and efficiency.



Your schedule does not allow you to attend classroom training? We have the ideal solution for you!

We offer innovative online training modules specifically designed to sharpen your INTRApreneurial reflexes . Each module contains concrete and effective capsules to develop your  genius leadership zone .

Customers verbatim:

I especially appreciated the unique, solid and creative approach, combined with the desire to fit my reality. Their approach is comprehensive and allows the participant to benefit from intuitive and insightful coaching sessions, like a reassuring guide in the various stages of a business project.

Julie Bénard, CPA, CA

Professional Coach

Nathalie is devoted to our success, deeply committed and uses her intuition throughout the intervention. Her recommendations are supported by recognized and creative concepts, theories and techniques. She brings us out of our comfort zone, to grow and to solve.

Bill Bossart

Owner, Bossart Beauty and SPA

The coaching sessions with Nathalie Charette brought us improved teamwork and better participation from every member of the organization. We have better organization and human resource management in addition to always maintaining excellent profitability of our business.

Raymond Pratte

CEO, Pratte and Associates