Team Workshops

To develop in co-creation stimulating business models for yourself and your team

Let us facilitate creatively led workshops designed to maximize the brilliant leadership zone within your team!

We combine the effectiveness of NLP coaching methods with 20 years of experience in leadership and business management to understand yourself, challenge you and facilitate your workshop.

Our Team Workshops:

Strategic Planing

Be unique and stand out!

You want a complete and detailed view of your business and position it on a solid base?
You want to organize your activities so that they are consistent with your priorities while making the best use of human, financial, informational and material resources?
You want to manage change more flexibly?

Strategic planning is the roadmap that allows an organization to achieve its vision in the medium to long term. It goes beyond simple planning, since it requires you to examine your internal and external contexts, to make projections into the future and identify strategies that will allow you to fulfill your mission and vision.

Team Retreats

Step back to step forward!

Our approach is based on stimulating and constructive formulas for participants and for the organization. We co-create in pleasure, innovation and collaboration.

The facilitation plan is developed with a team within your organization to customize the workshop to your reality.

There are several advantages to adopt a strategy like this. In addition to creating synergy within the team, it will lead to a clear direction and orientation for the team, it will validate initiatives, explore solutions and celebrate successes.

Our ultimate goal: bring to your service our creativity, our experience and our expertise to help you achieve your goals and to strengthen the bond within your team, increasing cooperation and accountability.